June Term 2018 Registration Information

Questions? Email Mr. Vinikoor at JuneTerm@newarka.edu


Registration for June Term will take place before Spring Break according to the following schedule:

• Juniors (Class of 2019): Friday, February 2 - Wednesday, February 7 (by 10 PM)
• Sophomores (Class of 2020): Friday, February 9 - Wednesday, February 14 (by 10 PM)
• Freshmen (Class of 2021): Friday, February 16 - Wednesday, February 21 (by 10 PM)
• Students in any grade who miss the above deadlines or submit preferences that ignore the directions below will register after all other students in the upper school have registered.

On the first day of registration for each grade, a link to the registration form will be sent to students via email from Dr. DiBianca. Registration will take place via Google Forms. You must be signed into your newarka.edu Google account in order to access the form. If you do not know how to access your newarka.edu Google account, please visit the Technology Office or email HelpDesk@newarka.edu.

Final course placements will be distributed by the start of May. 

Course Enrollment and Prerequisite Notes

1) If you are a spring season athlete who will likely be competing in several post-season contests during June Term, avoid enrolling in courses that require a lot of time away from school.

2) You cannot take any June Term course that you took previously.

3) Please note the following prerequisites. If you will not meet the prerequisite for a course by the time it begins, do not include that course on your selection form. Since June Term starts after the end of the spring 2018 semester, courses you are enrolled in now serve to meet prerequisites.

The Art of Ceramic Raku Firing
Prerequisite: At least two semesters of Ceramics

Musical Composition as Self Expression
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of reading notation of notes and rhythms of standard music

Parlez-vous Elvish? The Art and Science of Language Construction
Prerequisite: Level 2 or 2 Honors of a language

STEMtastic: Discovering How Things Work
Prerequisite: Algebra II or above