Frequently Asked Questions

What is June Term?
June Term is a two-week period devoted to intensive, experiential learning. In 2019, June Term runs from May 28 – June 7, immediately following the spring semester.

Is June Term part of NA’s formal school year?

Are all grades involved in June Term?
June Term is for all students in grades 6-11. (Seniors are well into their Senior Projects at that point.)

What happens during June Term?
Upper School students either enroll in a June Term course or attend an approved Immersion trip. Middle School students work on Capstone Projects and go on Capstone Trips.

What is a June Term course?
June Term courses are intensive learning experiences created by NA faculty members on topics designed to focus students’ energies, engage their passions, and expand their interests. During June Term, students are actively involved in their learning and in the creation of an ongoing product.

What is the school day like during June Term?
The basic structure of the school day is similar to the rest of the year. On most days, Morning Meeting starts at 8:10 and classes run from 8:30-2:30, including breaks, such as lunch. One difference is that buses leave at 3:00. Note that the final day of June Term is a half day.

How long are the actual class periods?
Each June Term course meets for 4.5 of the 6 hours between 8:30-2:30. Teachers may arrange breaks as they best fit the instructional needs of the day. Some courses have field trips or other reasons to meet at different times of the day. In such situations, students and families are alerted in advance.

Is the “20% Rule” in effect during June Term?
Yes. Credit for the completion of June Term is not given to students who miss more than 1.5 days of their June Term course.

Do June Term courses have homework?
Yes. It is the aim of June Term to offer a rigorous and intensive learning experience. Students should plan on one to two hours of homework each night during June Term.

How are June Term courses graded?
Pass/Fail. It is important to note, however, that the standards for passing are high and are clearly communicated at the beginning of each course. Students also receive a teacher comment.

What happens if I don’t Pass my June Term course?
You will be required to complete the work of your June Term course in the subsequent summer under the guidance of the Upper School Principal. If it is not completed by August 1, you Fail the course.

Do June Term courses go on transcripts?

If I go on an Immersion trip during June Term, do I need to make up a June Term course in order to graduate?
No. You may use one of your June Terms to complete your Immersion requirement. Please note, however, that the Immersion Trip must represent at least a 4-day overlap with June Term and must not be offered at another time available to you.

What courses are offered during June Term?
Each year, over twenty June Term courses are offered across a wide range of areas.

Are all June Term courses available to all students?
No, but most are. Some courses have prerequisites, grade level restrictions and/or other priorities.

Are there additional costs for June Term courses?
No. All costs, including course materials, are budgeted for. Families will not be asked for additional monies or donations for individual June Term courses.

How and when do I sign up for June Term courses?
In February, you will receive access to the June Term website. At that time, you will be asked to sign up by indicating your top 10 or so choices. By early May, June Term course rosters will be announced.

Is it possible to change courses after rosters are announced?

Am I really this lucky to attend a school that offers June Term?
Yes, you are.

For more information about June Term, contact Mr. Vinikoor, June Term Coordinator, at